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October 19, 2012

If you missed out on recent Walk for Nepal event held in Boston, and curious to be a part of similar events, you still have a chance. This year two more cities are holding their own walks; Dallas will be hosting a walk on 20 October and New York on 3 November. Even if you do not live near one of these cities, you can still lend your support by either sponsoring a walker or making a donation directly to an organization of your choice through Walk for Nepal website . However, if you do live near one of these cities, based on our experiences in the Boston’s event, we recommend you join in the fun.

Walk for Nepal with its unique funding model, described here scores high on it’s civic collaborative approach to fund raising and providing walkers with myriad of choices of social organizations to support from. Additionally, for many of us with roots in Nepal or special affinity for Nepal, it is a fun event filled with gentle reminders of the country, not to mention it is a great way to break a sweat (and not feel guilty about eating fried dough, selrotis, afterwards). Boston’s recent event offered all these and more.

On the cool fall Saturday morning of 22nd September, over 200 participants came together in Boston to raise funds for various social organizations working in Nepal.

The event, Walk for Nepal organized by Nepal ko Yuwa, saw people from all walks of lives, backgrounds and ages, walk together with a singular goal of raising fund for an organization of their choice. In this year’s walk, Empower Dalit Women Of Nepal (EDWON), Help Nepal Network, Ama ko Ghar, Ama Foundation, Nepalese Children Education Fund, Nyaya Health, Friends of Maiti Nepal, Virtues Children Nepal, WfN Youth Innovation Fund, Himalayan Health Care made the pool of 10 organizations from which participants could make their selection.

For many of the walkers, it was a way to give back to their community. This was one the reasons Devi Oli had joined the walk in support of Help Nepal Network, though she confesses curiosity had drawn her in too. I had heard about the last year’s event, and I have never participated in walk of any sort, so I was bit curious. But, I mainly came because the event is for Nepal. I am very happy I participated. I will be back next year, she said.

A brief introduction to the event by Shaliesh Gongol, member of Boston’s seven-member organizing team, officially kicked off the day’s events, first, the walk, a breezy three and half miles walk along the Carson beach coastline, followed by a concert featuring local artists to Phiroj Shyangden of 1974 AD fame. The event also had vendors selling Nepali crafts and food stalls serving scrumptious Nepali delicacies from selroti, aloo ko achar to always popular momos. Thus for many, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Anita Pokhrel and her family made the 45 minutes drive from New Hampshire to join in the fun and support the organization of her choice, Nepalese Children Education Fund. Often times, most of us away from Nepal find ourselves wondering how we can effectively support causes in Nepal. I was happy to learn about the event through a friend, and I am glad I am here. I am having a wonderful time,” Anita said.

Face painting and kite flying were other features of the day. While face painting added colors to children’s faces, literally, kite flying, made adults nostalgic of home and upcoming festive season.

Spotted in the crowd was actress Yuna Upreti, who was visiting her sister-in law in town from Texas. I am having a good time. It is wonderful to see events as such taking place abroad, I feel like I am having a taste of home, only I am still in the US.

The latest figure shows the Boston’s walk has so far raised $ 11,174.45. The distribution of fund, the break down of the exact amount that was raised for each charity can be viewed on Walk for Nepal’s website.

“To make a difference you don’t have to do something extraordinary, you just have to do your best,” said Shikhar Bhattarai, member of the organizing committee, during the event.  Walk for Nepal, is certainly a platform for those looking to do their part to ‘make a difference’ by supporting some of the organizations doing wonderful work across Nepal on range of issues, not to mention a fun event.

Shaliesh Gongol of Walk for Nepal kick-starting the event, Pukar Malla and Prashant with event banner

Participants all set to walk

Young Bostonians

A nice stroll

Ladies take a breather to  strike a pose

Scenic Carson Beach Coastline

Bishnu Maya Pariyar of EDWON, Devi Oli of GBNC and Milan Gurung of milankosansar.com

didibahini with friends

A break and chatter

Ready for couple more miles

Nilanjana and Phiroj Shyangden entertaining the crowd

Kite runners in action

Dashain aayo


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