Swechha Baral

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Quick Bio

Swechha Baral
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Age: 21 years
Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Education: Pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Temple University
Current job: Working for Philadelphia Cancer Society

Inspirations and Aspirations

My motivation for participating in Miss Nepal US(A) is the opportunity it gives me to promote my culture and nationality in the international arena. The concept of pageant, ‘Empowering youth, Promoting Nepal,’ is very inspiring and it is this that motivated me to join the pageant.
My first job was as a Tutor at “International society for Krishna Consciousness”.
My dream job is to become a scientist and discover cure for Cancer and HIV AIDS.
My role model is my mother.
In five years time I see myself advancing ahead in life, learning new things, taking on new responsibilities and making a difference.
I am proud of my mother for raising me as a responsible Nepali.

My choices

Nature or Nurture Nature
Power or Wealth Power
Science or Business Science
Beauty or Brain Brain
Fate or Your Actions Actions
Apple or Android Apple
Saree or Dress Saree
Style or comfort Comfort
Chocolate or Titaura Titaura
American food or Nepali food Nepali Food
American lifestyle or Nepali lifestyle Nepali lifestyle
Love marriage or Arranged marriage Love Marriage
Ethnic based or Non-ethnic based federalism Ethnic based


We women can inspire each other by respecting each others emotional values.
Strengths of Nepali women I think are “tolerance, insightfulness and sensitivity.” Because of these qualities we are able to break all the barriers that society has imposed on us, yet maintaining our cultural values and morale.
One change I would like to see in the status of Nepali women is for them to keep on dreaming as long as they live. Usually, after marriage and children, women stop dreaming to cater to their family needs. I want to see this changed.

My heritage

One Nepali culture or custom that I like the most is “Atithi Dewo Vawo”
I think Nepal is behind because I don’t think Nepal is behind at all. Sure, Nepal has been struggling politically, but I believe we are gradually and gracefully moving towards progress.
I think political situation of Nepal can be improved by a constitution that embodies sentiments and thoughts of all the leaders who represent various groups and interests of Nepal.
I think Nepali men are “Skillful, Persistent and Optimistic”

American Perspective

The best thing about living in America is seeing your dreams come true as this is a Land of Opportunities.
The strength of America lies in the strong and value based government system.

Fun Facts

The craziest thing I have done is donated my hair to a cancer patient.
My favorite book is Muna Madan


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  1. Sinthiya kapali on September 21, 2017 at 11:16 PM

    How did you donate your hair?I also want to donate can you give suggestions.

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